Top 6 Web Development Trends of 2018


With the age of digitization and massive globalization, the year 2018 has been spectacularly welcoming for the new trends and web developments. Still there are multiple inventions and trends that are expected to be brushing the advancements of 2018. As per the recent survey the online purchasing has been risen up to 25% and is expected to rise in coming years.

Where 2018 is the booming year for web developers USA, it is also critical as eCommerce is on the rise and more upcoming websites will go for the online purchasing.

The year 2018 has been the year of change and the change has empowered the industry by inventing digitally advancements that could make the user experiences attractive and engaging. The websites are also now set straight to be fetched through multiple devices where the consumers have more access to the websites.


The Invention of Sue JS:

The most popular and convenient way to develop web interface with the assistance of simple API. The trend is a breath of fresh air and is spreading amongst the web developers and huge companies.


JavaScript Advancement:

The JS programming and its functioning has been increased in 2018 and is also expected a major rise in coming years. The features are now improved with simple codes and easy concepts. Complex features have distorted the projects before, therefore the upcoming trend has made it easy even to drive small functioned programs.


Introducing Web Applications:

Due to the fast pace and growing digitization, users are inclined towards speedy collaboration and interaction with the upcoming applications. What user need is the fastest delivery of information. Real-time web applications is tremendously taking over the server side and has aptly synchronized with JavaScript.

Moreover, there are some progressive web apps also illuminating the digital sphere to bring the consumer web experience exquisite. With multiple benefits of progressive web apps is that chrome programming can put the application on the home screen in smartphone.


Smartphone Web Advancement:

Now a days the usage of smartphones has increased with the growing number of users. Apparently, from last year 2018 has risen more in number to develop websites for smartphones.

So, does it really work in mobiles? The average number on mobile phone using internet and browsing through the sites has increased upto 85%. It is important execute the simpler version of web application so that more users can find it easy and engaging to surf the website through smartphone.


Visual Material:

This trend has been penetrated more likely amongst the web advancement like anything else. Material design is based on Google’s design which is well-matched with the advance browsers.

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