7 Typography Trends to Follow in 2019

Are you bored with the mainstream designs? Do you want a swift facelift? Such questions may occur repeatedly in every developer’s mind as typography trends change for seeking the best and unique inclination.

The future holds some edgy and bold colored typography selection along with some 3D slash cutouts effect that may enhance the letters at its fullest. The blend of gorgeous typeface with the custom logo design may pour for the audience to grasp the concept of the brand.

Overall, the web designs and typographies in 2019 will infuse with a boost in marketplace. Web pages are decisively focusing with exceptional customization and modification on a next level. The emergence of uniquely designed smartphones with exclusive software are making ways for design liberation.

Let’s see the winner typography trends that will rule 2019:

Typography # 1: Long Drop Shadows


The kind of typography follows with flat icon style, it compliments with minimum designing yet a finished look. The main reason such typography can add in the preps for 2019 is because it does not astray the core meaning of the brand.

The long drop shadow will make the entire design stand-out and would change the entire image of the font.

Typography # 2: Serifs


When fonts are released it gives a brand-new dimension to the designs and logos. The font Serifs has made an epic comeback by implying with clarity to the fonts that gives the writing 100% readability features. If you are eager to select Serifs as a main font then you might want to choose a mingled alphabetical style along with the line-spacing context.

Serifs is filled with charm and diversity that will enhance the uniqueness of your designs. Serifs is a winner where users can pay attention quickly from line-spacing to the strokes and other designs.

Typography # 3: Animation


Animated texts need to be wisely put at its right place as this font of writing has an impact over the entire written content. The animated text needs to be focused to shift the user attention to the right spot.

Therefore, the animated text should improve its clarity where the users can relate and connect easily even, thou the text may seem difficult to catch the aspect but the messaging or connecting through a defined mean needs to be clear.

Typography # 5: Bold Fonts


2019 is all about being edgy and over-whelmed with dramatic designs and fonts. It is deemed over for user engagement and to come up with an exceptional impression over the audience. The dominant designs displayed in edgy and bold font is when the brand is screaming from its depth.

There is no way the design is ignored but fonts in bold-cut is retrieving more attention. No matter if the typography is used in brochures, hoardings or posters the advertisement font will pop its message to the world.

Typography # 6: Vintage


This beautiful font makes us ready to reminisce the vintage times and pull over with true blend of past and future mixture. It is one of the fashionable fonts that 2019 will surely adopt for a significant graphic design.

By selecting vintage fonts in designs can definitely add value to your content with grace and elegancy. It is also another way to keep alive the treasury typography in the modern world

Typography # 7: Handwritten Letters


If you are an experimental designer, then the font which is based on hand-written letters can be seriously your thing. This customized font is an eye-catcher and make the brand insanely distinctive.

The year 2019 will be all about uniqueness and utterly distinctive ideas about the typography that can attract the audience towards its content. Its unique, exceptional and very user-friendly image that may get you easily towards the potential audience.

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