6 Tips for Character Animation In 2019



“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation”.

Walt Disney

Animation creation can be a challenge and admiration at the same time. It is an art that defines the concept in an animated version. In olden times drawings were made for an illusion to be sustained for the conceptualization of a prospect. The plan was followed from drawings to photographs and then motion picture cameras.

With the evolution of digital media, we now live in a digitally sound world where TV and internet has become the primary mediums for a quality display of scattered aspects to form character with well-skills.

As an animator there are some elements that can be affiliated with both traditional and modern methods. It could be the major reason to groom the skillset to implement the best of the techniques for character animation routine in 2019.


  • Embrace Simplicity:

What’s trending in animation character is simple and relatively effortless to achieve the objective of the project. System with mainstream tools will create basic properties to the animated character whereas, the character’s display needs to be altered to utilize the requirements of the entire concept.

If the animator’s work lacks quality the display of the animated characters cannot be accessible, therefore animators now-a-days are emphasizing on quality rigs. Characters need to be checked by technical artists by creating impressive scenes.


  • Comprehending Prospect:

Focus on the movement sequence of the animated character and it can be affiliated with the human movement as well. follow the movement sequel from eyes to the movement of hands. This little concentration can help the animator to grab the originality in animated character as well. Eyes can be the center of attention and thus draws focus of the viewer more closely.

We are ageing in a digital world with continues struggle to track the constant pace with modern trends and management. It is necessary to know the coordination between the body parts while creating an animation such as if an animated character is chubby faced with full body then relevantly the size of the feet will be wider. Its all about fixing and managing the accurate style with matched movements.


  • Movement of the Animated Character:

The movement of an animation is in the hands of its creator, the monitoring of character is leveled at its best to the interest of the animator and the entire project.

With the joyful and happy moods, the movement of the character follows the same emotion. The emphasis of the movement is distributed to shape the character with powerful and impacting character.


  • Balancing Animated Character:

Just like an infant learn how to crawl and move on to the next level of walking feebly and then catch-up with running and proper walking. Same it goes with the animation designing to ensure its flexibility and movement sequel.

To balance the movement by creating a real-life character can be challenging yet it is an art to find the balance and pour life at the same time.


  • Cool Software & Feature:

The illustration of the character can be wit fully tackled, it involves a lot of brain-storming relevance of the character with the plot. Apart from simple accessible tools and programs there are readable elements or features to exaggerate the depth of the character.

The project can be tough enough to absorb the hints of character’s life, followed by the meaning of the project which depends on a good software with its bright features.


  • Aim & Objective of the Character:

Before designing your animated character, focus and rewind in your mind that what kind of a character you would like to put up with. Once you give it a thought start aiming for the character that matches the project. With the advent of video animation services provided by the agencies it is now less hectic to get your work done effortlessly.

For character designing keep your attention towards targeting the potential audience to meet the specific requirements aptly.

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