Elements Which Are Vital for A Logo


When we talk about logos and brand labels, what is the exact element i: e: affiliated? Or what is the story behind the logo? And who are being focused?

When the brand is created it is important to focus the creativity and innovation of the logo. The idea of effectiveness just pops in mind and start questioning about the branding essentials. A custom logo design works as a booster for a brand and helps it to be known. Certainly, it makes the whole visual experience remarkable.

There are some foremost points that works immensely terrific in developing a creative logo i: e:

Logo Typography:


The content and writing style makes the entire work ravishing and astounding. The trendier and catchy font the more attention it will get. Your logo must be engaging, convincing and literally could talk to the audience.

Do not blend with more than one typeface as it will look cheesy and would give a confused impression. The same typography is required throughout the site as it will display the uniformity of the subject.

Logo Color:


The colors scheming is also important along with the typography. Make selections within the latest trends such as bold and bright colors have taken the spot in logo designing. Your logo should be limited with blending of 3 colors maximum to not look caky.

The finishing of the brand logo with creative graphic design works as a pillar for an excellent and inspirational logo. Every color contrast has a meaning; therefore, the selection must be wise to give a reputation to your brand.

Color Well-off brands
Blue 30% to 35%
Black 20% to 26%
Yellow 10% to 15%
Red 10% to 25%

As per the latest survey 85% of the marketers are of the view that correct brand coloring increases brand maintenance. The impact of color scheming of a logo has its psychological effect as well. Users can be influenced by the color emotions like:

  • Red fortunately spreads like enthusiasm that leads passion.
  • Green influences the fresh and subtlety of the brand that can affect the audience to know more about the brand.
  • Blue makes the audience trust the brand more with this color as it is persuasively used in social media.
  • Yellow it just gives away the happiness by transferring the chirpy energies.

So, with the above color explanation it is important to understand the core wisdom hidden behind it. These foremost elements go hand in hand in creation of a logo.

Suggestions for Graphic Design:

Once you are aware of the current trend try to cope up with the same only. Keep it simple yet allowing the design to be recognized by the users.

The common mistake that graphic designers can make is to use the clip art as it gives an unprofessional design in it.

If you are a newbie in the development of a brand, try to check the credibility of the agency you want to hire for your brand customization. Take a brief look before hiring a graphic designer so that you may have an idea of the layouts aptly.


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